Nelson Mandela

Metropolitan University


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Housing for PCIEP students is available just off campus within walking distance. In addition, the university provides a shuttle bus service between the campuses. NMMU is currently building new housing for international student and students studying abroad at NMMU. The state of the art facilities is located within a ten-minute walk from the beach and is scheduled to open in Fall 2016.​

Health Insurance

All international students are required by the Government of South Africa to purchase the local health insurance offered through the university. PCIEP will guide you through the application process.


All students studying abroad at NMMU through PCIEP have a mandatory orientation week they need to register for and participate. This orientation week covers several topics and issues to enable you to adjust well to your new campus and surroundings, become familiar with local cultural norms, hang out at some popular places in Port Elizabeth, and get over jet lag. An optional weekend stay at a local farm can further help you make new friends and have a weekend of fun and relaxation prior to the week of orientation.

Madras Christian College Campus

Just a 15-minute walk from the beach, NMMU’s main campus (South & North Campus) is on a nature reserve with wildlife such as zebra, monkeys and different kinds of buck. As the largest higher education institution in the Eastern and Southern Cape, NMMU has around 20,000 students enrolled, approximately 10% of whom are international students from across the world including 32 African countries, USA, Mexico,
Japan and right across Europe.

The Office for International Education at NMMU offers assistance to international degree seeking students as well as Study Abroad (a semester or two with us), Short Programs (4-6 weeks in a range of fields), or customized courses to meet your needs. The university also offers English as a Foreign Language (17 weeks intensive academic English or a short program).

NMMU offers a wide selection of majors from which students can choose their courses. Students studying abroad through PCIEP are allowed to register for practically any course that is offered provided they meet the prerequisites and there is room in the course for the semester the student wishes to enroll. View the NMMU undergraduate catalog online at

NMMU Business School Building

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

The Pennsylvania Center for International Exchange and Partnership’s partner in South Africa is the Nelson
Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), situated on the southernmost tip of Africa in a city called Port
Elizabeth. It is one of few comprehensive universities in Africa and the world.​