Madras Christian College Campus

The Pennsylvania Center for International Exchange and Partnership’s partner in India is Madras Christian College (MCC), situated on the south eastern coast of India in Chennai, the fourth largest city in India. It is an Autonomous institution and is part of the prestigious University of Madras.

Madras Christian College Campus

The campus hosts over 100 international students representing numerous countries and giving the student body a global presence. MCC has around 5,000 students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs. PCIEP students will be fully integrated in the student body at MCC and in the classrooms taking classes side by side with Indian students. All courses are taught in English.

The Dean of International Programs oversees all international students and programs. PCIEP’s MCC Faculty Liaison, Dr. Vasanthi Vijaykumar, serves as our student’s primary contact on campus and organizes on-site orientation, registration, familiarity trips to the city, coaching on using the transportation system, cultural immersion programs and emergencies for PCIEP students.

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Madras Christian College

Chennai, India

Located in Tambaram, a suburb of Chennai, the campus is known all over India and internationally for its academic integrity and positive reputation. Founded by Christian missionaries, Madras Christian College is an ideal example of an educational institution that reflects the amazing diversity of India in terms of language, religion, cultural and ethnicity.